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Forge Stronger Connections

June 01, 20243 min read

“...so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.” - Romans 12:5 (NIV)


When we sing "I am weak, but thou art strong" it should alway remind us that if we depend on our on strength to do the work, then we will fail even as we desire to forge stronger connections in the body of Christ. We will fall apart as soon as the weakest of us fails to fulfill the roles we decide and define.

Yet, when our weakest link is empowered and encouraged by the strength of God through the Holy Spirit, then nothing can break the chain of connection between us and with God.

Forge Stronger Connections

With that said, here are 5 ways you should start forging stronger connections in your faith community today! 👊

1. Act Quick and Pray on PURPOSE

Let's not overthink it when it comes to our prayer lives together. Take the opportunity to building a community prayer life and don't wait for everything to work out with holiday, vacation, church scheduled, and high holy seasons to decide to get started. Every form of prayer from bowing with hands folded and writing prayer journals to singing songs together and dancing with praise puts prayer into action. So, ensure that everyone is doing the intentional work of praying together, engaging in a consistent and ongoing practice, so that prayer in all of the power that comes with it is a default expectation for the whole community of faith.

2. Look With The Mind of Christ

In your church meetings, family meetings, and prayer meetings are you centering your discussions and discernments on the perspective that comes from thinking with a heart for what Christ has a heart for? Everything we look at and think about benefits from stretching beyond the old addage "What Would Jesus Do." It is up to us to ensure that alongside our prayers there is the intent to love God and love neighbor. So, what does this love look like? If you think about it, just about anything could be transformed for the good of Christ. Look at every joy and challenge, celebration and heartache, then consider "How might I (we) move forward by faith, looking to the future with the mind of Christ?" Chances are whatever you may be discussing around the table, the conversation will shift for the better.

3. Build on Faith By The Spirit

The Spirit is a presence and force for growth and transformation. Yet, why do so many of us fall short of consistent spiritual practice? Prayer is essential, but there is so much more to living the holistic life that God has in mind for us. With this third way to grow stronger connection you are invited to take on life-giving practices such as prayer walks and nature hikes, writing, reading scripture, contemplative coloring, and other creative ways to engage with God in divine conversation in listening and response.

4. Invest in Individual Formation


5. Get Curious


Other resources to help you get started with forging stronger connections.


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Linda Furtado

I was born into the church and discovered from a young age that I had artistic, creative, and instructional talents, but it wasn’t until adulthood and a world of work for other agencies, churches, groups, and churches that I decided to devote myself to making the things I've done for others and myself accessible to everyone.

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What types of coaching and consulting services do you offer for ministry leaders?

Our services encompass individual coaching, group training, tailored ministry consulting sessions, and the production of communication collateral for both online and print publications, all designed to meet the specific needs of your ministry context. Ministry leaders who have previously engaged with Cross Vocational through webinars, courses, or our online community will find our offerings particularly beneficial. Minister's Helper is crafted to provide an advanced level of professional support, including both live online and in-person coaching, training sessions, and expert assistance in creating impactful communication materials. Our goal is to assist individuals and groups in achieving their objectives by developing a holistic ministry experience, effectively communicating their vision and mission-aligned values, and enhancing their outreach through professionally designed collateral.

How can your coaching services benefit my ministry?

Individual Coaching:

Personalized Leadership Development:

Enhance your leadership skills with tailored coaching that addresses your unique strengths and challenges. Expect improved decision-making, increased confidence, and a deeper understanding of how to lead your ministry effectively.

Strategic Visioning:

Gain clarity on your ministry's vision and learn how to communicate and implement this vision to inspire your team and congregation.

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Foster a stronger, more cohesive team environment where members are aligned with the ministry's goals and values. Group training can lead to improved collaboration, communication, and conflict resolution within your team.

Skill Enhancement:

Equip your team with the necessary skills for effective ministry, from leadership and management to communication and pastoral care.

Ministry Consulting Sessions:

Customized Strategy Development:

Develop and refine your ministry's strategies to meet its goals, whether it's growth, community impact, or service improvement. Consulting sessions provide a roadmap for success tailored to your ministry's context.

Operational Excellence:

Identify and address operational challenges within your ministry, leading to improved efficiency, resource management, and overall effectiveness.

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By engaging with our services, your ministry can expect to see significant growth in leadership capabilities, team dynamics, strategic planning, operational efficiency, and communication effectiveness. These outcomes collectively contribute to a more impactful and fulfilling ministry experience for both leaders and their communities.

What is your experience and background in ministry leadership?

Linda Furtado, our CEO, brings over 16 years of rich and diverse experience in ministry leadership to Minister's Helper. Her journey has spanned a broad spectrum of roles, including lay and clergy leadership positions, where she has exemplified servant leadership in the contexts of home, church, and the corporate world. Linda's multifaceted background includes:

Educational Expertise:

Trained as an educator, Linda has a strong foundation in teaching and learning principles, having served as a public school educator and an instructional designer.

Family Coaching:

As a certified Incredible Family coach, she specializes in strengthening family dynamics within the Christian faith.

Curriculum Development:

Her skills as a Christian curriculum writer have contributed to the creation of engaging and impactful learning materials for various age groups.

Worship and Arts:

Linda's talents extend to worship writing and production, as well as visual and performing arts, enriching worship experiences and ministry outreach.

Theological Training:

She holds a Master in Christian Arts in Ministries degree, underpinning her ministry with deep theological insight and understanding.

United Methodist Tradition: A lifelong member of the United Methodist Church, Linda's approach is deeply rooted in its traditions and values.

Online Ministry Development:

Linda is an adept producer, writer, and developer of online ministry resources, leveraging digital platforms to extend the reach and impact of ministry efforts.

Through her comprehensive experience and skills, Linda is uniquely positioned to guide ministry leaders in enhancing their leadership capabilities, developing effective ministry strategies, and creating enriching worship and educational experiences.